The Purposes of Punishment

Purposes Of Punishment Essay

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If the aim of punishment is to vindicate the authority of the law, this will be partly done in so far as the offender is reformed and in so far as similar acts are prevented. And indeed neither reformation nor prevention is likely to be effected by punishment unless it is recognized that the punishment is vindication of the law. Discussions of the textbook purposes of criminal punishment- retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation - some- times seem too abstract to matter. This Essay, however, examines two unmistakably consequential shifts in the stated objectives of punish- ment. It describes Americas turn to rehabilitative goals. homework help chat These are my only reasons for endeavouring to diffuse the knowledge of the useful truths contained in this little essay and I say, with my author, that if I can be instrumental in rescuing a single victim from the hand of tyranny or ignorance, his transports will sufficiently console me for the contempt of all mankind. Governments have several theories to support the use of punishment to maintain order in society. Theories of punishment can be divided into two general philosophies utilitarian and retributive. The utilitarian theory of punishment seeks to punish offenders to discourage, or deter, future wrongdoing. The retributive theory.

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Assess the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Different Aims of Punishment The definition of crime is breaking the laws set by the State and the general agreement of people is that if someone commits a crime they should be punished in some way. Punishment practices are ancient we accept them without question. All punishment should have the purpose of deterring a repeat offense and should be harsh enough to discourage others from committing the same offense. Punishment Essay. (1969, December 31). In

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