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Jul 17, 2014. How to play up your strengths and experiences on a rsum when just starting your career. Writing a resume for your first job? View Entry Level resume examples and samples. Site offers free entry level resume formats and resume writing advice. The starter CV emphasizes your training and skills, and is ideal when applying for your first job.

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Dec 31, 2014. We thought it sounded very professional and up-to-date to call ourselves Results-oriented professionals and Motivated self-starters in our resumes. But then again, in 1982 we thought Madonna was the coolest thing on the planet. It was a different time. My Gen Y friends werent alive in 1982. These days. CV Sentence Starters. Skills Profile. Ability to developed through Excellent experience with shown by Broad range of experience. x (number of) years experience with Good understanding of proven by.. Developed an understanding of through Thorough familiarity with Great approach.

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