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LATEXHEADER and LATEXFOOTER. Added exporting of the proof tree to. Order Paper Writing Help 247 footer for resume. Sep 9, 2011. The footnote works fine when it is right aligned, but when it is left or center aligned, it aligns to the dimensions of the resume body text. That is, when it is aligned left, the footer is still to the right of the headers. Ive poked around in the res class and fancyhdr class files, but found no obvious place where a. You can try the footmisc package. I.e. change the beginning to documentclass12pt, a4papermoderncv usepackagefootmisc enabling footnotes. moderncvthemegreyclassic. rest the same. This gorgeous ResumeCV template comes with a matching cover letter template to help simplify the process of applying for your next job. Both templates feature a clean header listing your essential contact information and fields of expertise as well as a subtle matching footer. Clear sectioning within the resumeCV.

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How should you use the header and footer in your resumeCV? Heres some useful tips.

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