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On 25.03.2018

Last October, Uzbekistan-born Yale student Aleksey Vayner learned his lesson on submitting multimedia resumes the hard wayand that is putting it mildly. If youve ever wondered why it seems everyone who works at a bank is an unrepentant tool, this video made shed some light. Recent Yale graduate Aleksey Vayner sent. Oct 16, 2006. Another recruiting year, another job applicant humiliation. This season, Yale senior Aleksey Vayner went far beyond the usual misaddressed e-mail or keyboard-in-mouth embarrassment. Vayner, an aspiring investment banker, sent a video entitled Impossible is Nothing along with an 11-page resume and. Jan 24, 2013. Do not, anyone, sell this idiot ANY pills! The desperate last messages to former Yale student infamous for Impossible is Nothing rsum who is reportedly dead at age 29 from an overdose. It has been reported and confirmed by family members that Aleksey Vayner has passed away at his home in.

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Jan 17, 2013. Remember Impossible is Nothing, the bloated video resume from Yale University student Aleksey Vayner that went viral in the worst way in 2006? Wall Street turned Vayner into a. Notorious video resume job-seeker Aleksey Vayner, of Queens, died Saturday at Jamaican Hospital after possible drug-induced heart attack

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