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Hiding Lies On Resume Interview

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The risk is high for job seekers who try to slip fake masters degrees, phony salaries and exaggerated titles into their resume and job interview. Thinking of. May 23, 2006. One of the most common rsum lies involves playing with dates to hide employment gaps. The reasons are myriad hiding being. While its easy to sympathize, its also important to remember that the truth behind these lies will quickly become evident at the interview. Another widespread set of tall tales is. Learn more about lying on resumes and job applications,. or even in interview questions.. lying on a resume or job application may not be the end of the world.

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Most Common Resume Lies

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Lying On Your Resume: 3 HR People Who Did It, Got Caught

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Caught in a Resume Lie? Here's What To Do | News | Nexxt

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Start studying Communications Chapter 13. Learn. the purpose of your resume is to get an interview,. that you might be hiding something about. Oct 19, 2015. Your resume is often the first and only impression employers get of you prior to the initial interview. It is, often more than any other, the deciding factor in whether or not you receive an interview for the position. This is one reason many find it tempting to embellish certain aspects of their experience, hoping to.

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